Custom Funeral Flower Arrangements

Custom Funeral Flowers

We are ready to assist  you in selecting the most appropriate flowers for your loved ones. Flowers sent to the family are sympathy expressions of comfort, peace and hope. They say "I'm thinking of you." During times of sorrow, sympathy flowers are messengers of hope. We deliver to funeral homes in Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach, Boca Raton, Hollywood, Weston, Deerfield Beach, Wilton Manors, and can arrange your funeral flower arrangements for out of town or out of the State

Thanks for stopping by, our hearts are with you.

Sympathy Baskets and Vases

Symphathy basket with yellows and purples

  $75 - T218-3A

Sympathy Basket with flower mix

$65 - T213-2A 

Sympathy Centerpiece with white Lilies and Roses plus a touch of green

 $150 T216-1A

Sympathy arrangement with with callas, white roses and green foliage

$150 - T217-1A 

Sympathy design with White lilies. Roses, Carnations with foliage

$100 -  WEB532 

Funeral Floral basket

 $100 - T267-2A

Sympathy Urn with red roses, white moms, larkspur, blue delphinium, daisies and foliage

 $150 - T240-1A

Red and white flower design

$90 - T227-1A 

All pink carnations and foliage ferns

 $70 -  TF198-03

Delphiniums, Roses, mini roses, stock, gerbera daisies and foliage

 $75 -  TF183-1

Yellow and pink flower arrangement in basket

 $50 - TF184-3

Birds of paradise design

 $125 - WEB565

Sympathy urn with red roses, larkspur and gladiolus

 $150 - T226-2A

Sympathy Basket with white lilies, white carnations and foliage

 $75 T228-1A

2 dozen red roses in ceramic-metal or paper mache container

$150 - T224-1A 

2 dozen red roses in glass vase

 $120 TF208-01

More Sympathy Baskets and Vases

Standing Sprays, Hearts, Wreaths and Crosses

Standing heart filled with a mixture of roses, daisies, carnations and greens

 $175 - TF199-4

Artistic standing heart commemorative design

 $250 - TF201-2

Standing heart with red center design

 $200 to $350 - TF189-07

All red standing heart flower design

 $265 - TF217-03

Standing Heart With Rose

$275 (24")

Standing Heart with pink roses

 $200 - WEB556

All white flowers standing wreath

  $200 - WEB534

Yellow flower's funeral  wreath

 $175 - WEB545

Standing commemorative wreath

TF-203-10  $200

Classicwreath design in red and white

TF-207-02$ 200

Delicate pastel heart flower design

  $200 -  TF199-03

Standing Heart

  $250 - T225-2A

All red flowers funeral wreath

 $200 - TF207-03 

Funeral wreath with warm color flowers

 $220 T239-1A

Funeral wreath with white roses and moms, peach and purple roses

$200 - T236-1A 

Funeral wreath with reds and pinks.

 $200 - T239-2A

Funeral wreath with mixed color flowers

 $175 - T239-4A

Funeral floral spray featuring yellow pale roses, white gladiolus, bells of ireland

  $175 - T274-1A
Magnificent Life spray

 $175 - T249-4A
Sacred Garden

 $150 - T271-2A

Tropical symphathy spray

$165 - WEB562

Pastel colors.  Large Standing flower's spray. Remembrance

$165 - WEB548

Large funeral spray with a mix of yellow and a touch of purple flowers

$200 - WEB553

Funeral spray, with red roses and bells of Ireland.

$175 - T230-1A

Funeral spray with pink lilies, red and blue flowers

$175 - T234-1A 

Funeral spray, Pink mix flowers

$150 - T248-2A 

Funeral spray, with white flowers and a touch of blue and light purple

$125 - WEB561

More Funeral Wreaths , Standing Sprays, Hearts and Crosses

Casket Sprays

Funeral casket spray with red gerbera daisies, red roses, white chrysanthemums and larkspur

 $200 - T242-3A

Funeral casket spray with bright and pale yellow flowers

$220 - T242-1A 

Funeral casket spray with red carnations

$175 - T242-2A 

Funeral half casket spray with all pink and hot pink carnations and white solidago flowers

   $175 - TF198-04

Funeral casket spray with white roses and pink carnations

 $225 -  TF199-02

Funeral casket spray with tropical flowers. Proteas, ginger, orchids and antheriums

 $275 - TF213-01

Funeral casket spray. Pink and magenta flowers

 $350 - T235-2A

Funeral casket spray. Yellow tones

 $195 - T244-3A

Funeral casket with all red roses

 $250 - TF209-4

Funeral casket spray. Red Roses

T225-3A $250

Funeral casket spray with orange bi-color roses, bells of Ireland, red gerbera daisies, alstromeria and foliage

TF203-02 $200

Funeral casket spray with all white flowers

 $240 - TF194-1

Funeral casket spray. White Flowers

 $250 - T232-3A

Funeral casket spray with sunflowers, gerber daisies, carnations, blue delphinium and foliage

  $220 - TF-202-01

Funeral casket spray with multi-color flowers

 $245 - TF203-07

Funeral casket spray with pink lillies, purple liatrice, pink stock, gladiolus, and foliage

 $225 - TF-200-01

Rosary made of mini red roses with attached cross

 $150 -Rosary