Funeral Floral Casket

Casket Sprays

The tradition of adorning and ordering a funeral floral casket spray is typically reserved for the closest family members, often the spouse, children, or siblings of the deceased. If you are not a member of the immediate family, we recommend that you select a more appropriate funeral flower arrangement.

 Honor the departed with a majestic casket spray and bring grace and beauty to the funeral or memorial service.

There are two types of arrangements to choose from. Full couch casket sprays are placed in the middle of the casket and are larger than half couch casket spray flowers, Full couch displays are usually ordered if it is a closed casket funeral. Whereas the smaller are typically used for half-open casket services. They derive their names from the old-fashioned word for casket, which was "couch."

Rosary garlands, flower pillows, casket posies and wreaths and hinge sprays are available.

Casket with yellow roses daisies and carnations

 $220 -  T242-1A

Casket spray with red carnations

 $200 - T242-3A

Casket spray with mums, carnations, and white flowers

 $200 - T242-3A

Funeral half casket spray with all pink and hot pink carnations and white solidago flowers

   $175 -  TF198-04

Rosary made of mini red roses with attached cross

 $150- Rosary

Funeral casket spray with white roses and pink carnations

 $225 - TF199-02

Funeral casket spray with tropical flowers. Proteas, ginger, orchids and antheriums

 $275 - TF213-01

 $250 - TF267-4A

Funeral casket spray with sunflowers, gerber daisies, carnations, blue delphinium and foliage

  $220 - TF202-01

 $350 - T235-2A

 $350 T226-3A

 $250 - T225-3A

Funeral casket with all red roses

 $250- TF209-4

 $195 - T244-3A

 $200 - TF203-02

 $240 - TF194-1

 $250- T232-3A

Funeral casket spray with multi-color flowers

 $245 - TF203-07

Funeral casket spray with pink lillies, purple liatrice, pink stock, gladiolus, and foliage

 $225 - TF200-01