Indoor plants

Our indoor plants are carefully selected for quality and long lasting nature. All have been grown and created here in South Florida. We have dish gardens, baskets and terrariums for your special occasion as well as several plants choices for your indoor needs.

Ginseng tree

Ficus Bonsai Tree $65

Money Tree

Money Tree $65

Bonsai Tree

Large Bonsai Tree $150

Peace lilies

Peace lilies $45 and up

Bonsai Pony Tail

Bonsai Pony Tail $65

Money Tree

Money Tree $60

Dish garden in a ceramic container

Dish Garden  From $30.00

Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo $50 and up

Garden basket

Garden Baskets $50~$75

Peace lilies mix dish garden

Dish Gardens $45~$75

Dish garden in a ceramic container

Dish Gardens $35~$75

Silver Queen

Silver Queen $55 ~ $75

Bromeliad in colored terracotta pot

Bromeliad's  $45 and up

Azelia plants in basket

Azalea Plants from $30.00

Bormeliad in a terracotta pot

Bromeliad's  $45 and up

Paradise Palm

Paradise Palm $75 and up

Parlour Palm

Parlour Palm $50 and up

Ficus Tree

Ficus Tree $65.00

Bromeliad's gardens starting

Bromeliad's gardens starting at $85

Bromeliad in black ceramic vase

Bromeliad's  $45 and up