Neem Tree

After reading the book: Neem: A Tree for Solving Global Problems, Joys florist decided to promote the knowledge of this Wonder Tree.

Did you know that neem is a cornerstone of the ancient Ayurvedic healthcare system and is one of the most widely used medicinal herbs in the world.?

In its native India and tropical countries around the globe, neem is called the "village pharmacy" for its incredible healing properties.

Americans, however, are more likely to recognize neem as an EPA approved pesticide that's non-toxic and has no adverse effect on beneficial insects including bees.

The neem tree has been used for centuries as a biopesticide and medicinal herb, concluding that neem offers "enormous benefits to countries both rich and poor."

Over the last 19 years, researchers from Baltimore to Bangalore, have documented neem's diverse benefits in disorders ranging from AIDS and arthritis to cancer and ulcers. More than 500 reports are available on the National Institutes of Health website.

Perhaps most importantly, ongoing research shows that neem has few side effects when used as directed by adults who are not trying to conceive a child. The Extension Toxicology Network notes that neem is "practically non-toxic" even at the extraordinarily high doses fed to laboratory rats.

In the garden, NimBioSys Neem Oil is EPA-approved to treat insect pests ranging from aphids and beetles to spider mites and weevils. Living Neem trees can be shipped to customers across the country except Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

They're tropical trees that must be protected from freezing temperatures but they can be grown in grow lights. International research continues to validate Neem traditional use as a dietary supplement.

In the US, it is most often used as an immune-system booster and a concentrated source of antioxidants.

Although its use in skin, nail and hair care products is less well documented in clinical research, neem contains long-chain fatty acids and natural gylcerides to help soothe even chronically dry, itchy skin or scalp. High levels of antioxidants also make it a potent ingredient in anti-aging compounds.

Neem is traditionally called the "toothbrush tree". Preliminary reports from universities around the world indicate that oral care products made with neem bark help to brighten teeth and maintain good oral health.

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