Assorted fresh roses

Our fresh cut roses are certified "Green" by the Rain Forest Alliance and Veriflora. These organizations make sure that trade is beneficial to all, people and environment. Organic roses appear to have more fragrance (in yellows and purple)and last a little longer.  There are literally hundreds of different rose varieties to choose from. Throughout the year we try all types in order to always offer that unique color and because we are crazy for roses.

Some of our favorites rose types are: Forever Young and Freedom for Red Roses, Mohana for Yellows, Manitou for Oranges. Blush, High Magic and Candia for Bi-color roses, Engagement for whites. Black Magic for deep velvet red/black tone color.

Check this week color availability or special order your favorite type. Thanks for stopping by.

One dozen red roses in glass vase

 $70 - T64-1A 

3dozen roses in  glass vase

3 dozen $195
 2 dozen   $135

Bright Pink roses in glass vase

$164 (18 roses) - T62-1A  

Two dozen light color roses in a vase

$90  - WEB187   

Whie roses and pink wax flowers in glass vase

$75 - T69-1A  

A dozen peach roses

$75 - TF34-2  

Orange roses and wild flowers in glass vase

 $55 - T46-1B

Red and orange roses in red glass cube

 $65 - T9-3A 

Red roses in red glass cube

$58 - TEV13-7B  

Yellow roses in cermic / wood container.

 $55 - T72-2A

One dozen lavander roses

 $65 - TF- 33-1 

One dozen peach roses in a glass bowl

 $75 - TF- 35-2

Red roses in glass vase

$60 - T65-2A 

Red roses in zen container

$54 - TF38-1  

One dozen orange/yellow bi-color roses

 $55 - TF34-1 

Zen style rose arrangement

$45- WEB202
Circus Roses in the Grass

Contemporary one dozen roses in a glass cube

$55 - WEB389
Contempo Roses 

Parallel rose arrangement

$58 - T72-3A 

Rose mix colors in glass vase

$80 - T66-1A 

Red roses in mint julep container

 $45 - T65-3A

half dozen red roses in a glass vase

$45 - TF32-1 

Red roses and pink wax in glass cube

$65 - T65-1A 

3 bi-color roses

$30 - TF32-2 


You will need to re-cut the flower stems to prolong their freshness.

How to properly cut stems. If your flowers were shipped with water vials, remove them and cut the stem. Ideally you should cut about an inch from the bottom of each stem, at an angle. Once the stem is cut place it immediately in the vase. Cutting at an angle maximizes the amount of water that can be absorbed by the stem.

For optimal vase life (over seven days) repeat these steps every three days. Take the flower out of the vase and clean it with hot water. Refill the vase with clean water and flower food. Cut your stems an inch and place in the vase.

On a daily basis check the water level and add water as needed.

If your roses begin to wilt, you may be able to revive them. Trim off a couple of inches  from the bottom of its stem and then submerge the entire rose under water in a sink or bathtub. Allow the stem to absorb water for about 20-60 minutes before returning them to their vase.

Roses last longer in a cool area, but if you want their blooms to open quickly, temporarily place them in a warmer spot.
(Note: not hotter than 80 degrees Fahrenheit).