Tropical Flowers and Foliage

Bird of Paradise

Your favorite tropical flowers can be found at Joys Florist. Cymbidium orchids from Holland, dendrobium and phalenopsis from Thailand, birds of paradise from Jamaica and Costa Rica, proteas from New Zealand and South Africa, antheriums, lotus pods, ginger, banana flowers, exotic leaves and more.

Arranged in your favorite container.  Almost any design can be scaled to any requirement. Just ask.

Tropical floral arrangement featuring birds of paradise

Rick's tropical mix $72.00

White Calla Lilies

T83-1A  $85

Tropical design with Birds of paradise

TF148-1  $65 and up.

Green cymbidium orchids, yellow roses, green buttons and berries

WEB378    $60.00

Cymbidium orchid in ceramic container

Cymbidium Orchids $50.00

Tropical floral with ginger

T85-1A $65

Trpical floral with lilies and roses

T85-3A $75

Green cymbidium orchids in glass cylinder

Cymbidium Orchid  from
A Ask for available colors.

Vanda orchids from Thailand

Web393  $50.00
Flown from Thailand Vanda Orchids Colors:
Ember, Purple, Yellow

Orchids in zen container

TEV 12-1A Secret
Oasis $60

Stilish tropical arrangement with birds of paradise, lilieas, alstromeria and foliage

Paradise Found Web386

Tropical arrangement with ginger, birds of paradise, proteas

TF213-2  from $150.00

Tropical floral

T82-1A $120

Red antheriums, ginger, proteas orchids, tropical design

TF149-1  $150

Tropical large arrangememt in willow basket

Deluxe Mixed Tropical Baskets from $125.00

Tropical flower cube

T85-2A $68

Modern mini  callas arrangement in cube

TF 151-03 Starting at $110
As shown  $140
Different Colors Callas are available Check for availability.

Tropical floral in glass cube

Web618 Bamboo Zen $50